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"Then the second mountain pass that I encounter is worse than I have travelled in many years. As I approach the summit on the 97C the temperature dips to -7 and compact snow is quickly what I am travelling on. My little C-Max held its own very well. I have Michelin snow and ice tires beneath me. This and the safety facets of this car made me feel very safe and the tires and the traction control bound me to the road like nothing I have experienced! It was at this point that I entered fog and visibility became zero – yes zero for many kilometers. I was crawling at about 20-30 km per hour for a long time. As I descended the fog dissipated and it started to snow heavily. Finally 10-15 minutes later I am out of the mountains and the end of The 97 Connector Before I bought the C-Max I did extensive research and the safety rating of this little vehicle is found to be very high combined with excellent gas mileage because of the fact that it is a Highbrid vehicle.I would recommend this car to everybody! There is no reason not to buy one of these!The best part of this trip was that I used 6.5 litres of gas per 100 kilometers travelled. Do the math and one quickly learns that I have erased my carbon footprint by acquiring a C-Max!"


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