2020 ford ecosport for sale okanagan bc2020 ford ecosport for sale okanagan bc 

2020 Ford EcoSport Delivers Premium Performance To Okanagan BC

Prepare for all-terrain thrills in Okanagan - with the 2020 EcoSport proving ready for every season and any environment. This Ford SUV has been engineered to delight, fusing each adventure with available Intelligent 4WD. When paired with exclusive technologies (including the optional 2.0L engine and the standard six-speed automatic transmission) this system lets BC drivers dominate.

Available in S, SE, SES, and Titanium trims, the 2020 EcoSport will accommodate every demand with ease. Achieve optimum performance on the backroads.

Ten Reasons The 2020 Ford EcoSport Will Impress Okanagan Drivers

Demand more from the sport utility market than mere power. Instead discover the dynamic capability of the new EcoSport - which fuses rugged performance with a passenger-intuitive interior. Adventuring has never been easier.
2020 ford ecosport for sale okanagan bc
1.0L Power

Don’t be fooled by its small size. The 2020 EcoSport’s 1.0L engine will impress, yielding up to 123 HP and 125 lb.-ft of torque. Direct-acting mechanical buckets assure smooth sequencing, while a turbocharged induction system allows for seamless performance. Appearances truly are deceiving on the BC backroads.
2020 ford ecosport for sale okanagan bc
2.0L Performance

Available for the new EcoSport is a 2.0L block. This naturally-aspirated engine generates up to 166 HP and 149 lb.-ft of torque; and, when paired with a six-speed automatic transmission, it promises dynamic handling on every trail. Take advantage of the included Intelligent 4WD as well to ensure further all-terrain dominance. 
2020 ford ecosport for sale okanagan bc
Off-Road Economy

The 2020 EcoSport boasts an available Front-Wheel-Drive - which utilizes both direct-injection technology and Auto Start-Stop functionality to maximize fuel distribution. This allows it to achieve 8.6 L/100km in the city and 8.1 L/100km on the highway, assuring that BC families won’t waste their time searching for a station.
2020 ford ecosport for sale okanagan bc
All-Terrain Power

Conquer even the roughest roads in the 2020 EcoSport. This platform boasts an available Intelligent 4WD - which identifies sudden traction loss among the wheels and intuitively adjusts the power-band to compensate. This creates a balanced ride, no matter how sharp the curves; and it affords confident handling in Okanagan.
2020 ford ecosport for sale okanagan bc
Incline Support

Sudden rises no longer prove a challenge, with the new EcoSport offering Hill Start Assist technology. This available system enables drivers to switch from braking to acceleration without rolling backward, delivering improved stability (no matter how high the incline). Simply press the pedal to activate and achieve smooth control.
2020 ford ecosport for sale okanagan bc
Easy Access

Ford has paired the EcoSport with a rear swing gate - and this promises effortless storage. Open the door and quickly access the wide bay, without having to duck beneath an overhang or struggle with handle positions. The process is simplified for everyday convenience.
2020 ford ecosport for sale okanagan bc
Maximum Storage

Customize your cargo options with help from the 2020 EcoSport. This SUV boasts an exclusive management system - which delivers 25 distinct storage locations throughout the vehicle. An adjustable rear floor can accommodate large items with ease, while available shelves and netting provide security. Tailor every option to your needs.
2020 ford ecosport for sale okanagan bc
Life Resistant

Maintenance is no longer a challenge - with the 2020 EcoSport offering ActiveX seating. This exclusive material can adapt to every demand, providing enhanced durability; and its synthetic fibres can be quickly cleaned after adventures, proving resistant to dust, dirt, and other issues.
2020 ford ecosport for sale okanagan bc
Automatic Support

To bolster resource distribution the new EcoSport features Auto Start-Stop technology. Sensors assess acceleration patterns, identifying when extended braking or idling occurs. They then notify the engine to shut-down, eliminating unnecessary fuel consumption. This helps the platform to achieve a combined ratio of up to 8.4 L/100km and it keeps drivers away from the pump.
2020 ford ecosport for sale okanagan bc
Extensive Infotainment

Ford has paired the EcoSport with SYNC 3 performance, affording consistent connectivity on the backroads. An eight-inch LCD screen anchors all content, while Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability ensure seamless streaming. The AppLink console further impresses, enabling drivers to download hundreds of custom programs (including search engines and navigational tools).
The 2020 EcoSport proves the ultimate off-road ride - combining dynamic handling with a series of interior upgrades. Traveling through BC will never be the same.

Choose The 2020 EcoSport For Every Okanagan Adventure

Craving an all-terrain experience? Let the 2020 EcoSport (available in S, SE, SES, and Titanium trims) provide the performance you deserve. Achieve fun and function with each press of the pedal.

Demand - and receive - more from the new EcoSport.