2020 ford escape for sale okanagan bc2020 ford escape for sale okanagan bc

2020 Ford Escape Adapts To Every Adventure In Okanagan BC

With the unveiling of the 2020 Escape Ford is embracing convenience - allowing Okanagan drivers to seamlessly accommodate their specific needs through four distinct engine options:
In need of efficiency? Choose the 2.5L iVCT Hybrid or the 2.5L Plug-In.
Looking for power? Select the 2.0L EcoBoost Inline-Four.
Searching for speed? Take advantage of the 1.5L EcoBoost Inline-Four.
Each suite promises peerless performance, catering to BC drivers; and, when paired with other class-leading technologies (such as the available Intelligent AWD), they will accommodate every day and any demand. 
Ten Reasons The 2020 Escape Will Prove Perfect For Okanagan Drivers

Utility is receiving an upgrade - with the new Escape engineered for passenger convenience. Here are ten reasons we think this SUV will deliver exceptional value to families and adventurers alike.
2020 ford escape for sale okanagan bc
1.5L Performance

An available 1.5L EcoBoost inline-four is ideal for Okanagan drivers - delivering up to 181 HP and 190 lb.-ft of torque. This Escape engine offers spirited sequencing, utilizing direct-acting mechanical bucket valves to enhance each rev. Take advantage of turbocharged performance on the BC backroads.
2020 ford escape for sale okanagan bc
2.0L Power

Anchoring the optional 2.0L EcoBoost inline-four is an eight-speed automatic transmission. This ensures that the new Escape can achieve optimal power-band performance, generating 250 HP and 280 lb.-ft of torque. Rely on this aluminum block and its 9.3:1 compression ratio while seeking out adventures in Okanagan.
2020 ford escape for sale okanagan bc
Hybrid Efficiency

The 2020 Escape boasts two class-leading hybrid engines - the 2.5L Inline-Four (200 HP, 155 lb.-ft of torque) and the 2.5L Inline-Four Plug-In (201 HP, 155 lb.-ft of torque). These naturally-aspirated options emphasize economy, producing combined ratings of 5.9 L/100km and 2.3 Le/100km, respectively.
2020 ford escape for sale okanagan bc
All-Wheel Capability

Available for the new Escape is an Intelligent AWD. This system (with its integrated disconnect feature) affords peerless traction control, seamlessly adjusting ratios between the front and rear wheels as needed. Drivers can correct the power-band with the press of a button and conquer any terrain.
2020 ford escape for sale okanagan bc
Custom Settings

Achieve a stable ride in the 2020 Escape. This SUV boasts custom drive-modes - Normal, Eco, Slippery, Sport, and Deep Snow/Sand. Each offers a precise traction calibration, increasing pressure between the wheels and improving alignment. Adapting to BC’s sudden incline changes will prove no challenge. Just press a button for superior steerage.
2020 ford escape for sale okanagan bc
Towing Prowess

When properly equipped the new Escape promises potent power for Okanagan - with its Class II Trailer Tow Package yielding a maximum capacity of 1,587-kg. This will effortlessly accommodate summer payloads (including sporting equipment and luggage); and it will allow drivers to focus on fun, not cargo limitations.
2020 ford escape for sale okanagan bc
Storage Ease

To ensure BC drivers can take advantage of its ample storage space - up to 974-litres behind the second row - Ford has paired the 2020 Escape with an available hands-free liftgate. Simply wave your foot beneath the bumper to trigger a smooth opening, with the adjustable overhang lifting instantly. No longer struggle with keys while carrying cargo.
2020 ford escape for sale okanagan bc
Quick Parking

The optional Active Park Assist 2.0 system enhances each journey in the Escape. Engage this automated feature with the press of a button, allowing it to assess your surroundings and map the most efficient route (whether for parallel or perpendicular endeavours). It will then shift to Neutral, release the brake pedal, and begin steering the platform into the correct position. Master every reversal.
2020 ford escape for sale okanagan bc
Bespoke Configuration

Define every kilometre in the new Escape - with the available 12.3-inch instrument cluster enabling drivers to both monitor and configure key metrics (including economy ratings and overall distance). This assures a more controlled off-road experience, with any sudden performance deviation detected. See all information in brilliant LCD.
2020 ford escape for sale okanagan bc
Infotainment Options

Quickly access digital content with help from the 2020 Escape’s SYNC 3 system. This console - which is anchored by a capacitive-touch display - allows BC drivers to engage with: Apple and Android apps, SiriusXM satellite channels, voice-activated navigation programs, and much more. Discover seamless connectivity on the trails.
The new Escape enables BC families to customize their all-terrain experience - combining premium power with ample upgrades. Tailor every adventure in this Ford platform.

Choose The 2020 Ford Escape In Okanagan BC

Available in S, SE, SEL, Titanium, Hybrid, and Plug-In models, the new Escape proves a perfect option for those searching for more. Let this adaptable ride take you to BC and beyond.