2020 ford expedition for sale kelowna bc
2020 ford expedition for sale kelowna bc

2020 Ford Expedition Promises Class-Defining Performance In Kelowna BC

Power. Comfort. Capability.

The 2020 Expedition has come to BC - and it’s demanding no compromises. This Ford SUV has been tailored to thrill, with its wide wheelbase (up to 3,342-mm) delivering the off-road performance Kelowna families expect. Transition from work to play to every adventure in between. 

Ten Reasons For Kelowna Drivers To Choose The 2020 Ford Expedition

The new Ford Expedition - which is available in XLT, Limited, Limited MAX, King Ranch, King Ranch MAX, Platinum, and Platinum MAX trims - embraces both fun and functionality, allowing BC families to make even their everyday errands exceptional. Accept nothing less than perfection.
2020 ford expedition for sale kelowa bc
V6 Power

Across each Expedition trim sits a 3.5L EcoBoost V6. This die-cast aluminum block delivers potent performance, generating up to 400 HP and 480 lb.-ft of torque. Twin independent variable timing bolsters valve sequencing, while turbocharged technology optimises the power-band (ensuring a seamless 5,000 RPM rev). A 10-speed automatic transmission further enhances capability, allowing this Ford engine to smoothly respond to changing terrains.
2020 ford expedition for sale kelowna bc
Control Trac Performance

An Intelligent 4WD anchors the 2020 Ford Expedition. This system - known as Control Trac - affords precise handling, with its integrated sensors assessing all environments in real-time. It tracks performance metrics (including rate of acceleration, steering wheel angle, and tire speed) and then seamlessly adjusts them as needed, recognizing when additional traction is required to accommodate new terrains.
2020 ford expedition for sale kelowna bc
Smooth Suspension

An independent suspension defines the new Ford Expedition - with both the front and rear boasting a multi-link design. Through this BC drivers will experience improved articulation, with this system utilizing continuously controlled damping to respond to rough roads (this feature adjusts the configuration every few milliseconds, increasing or decreasing tension as needed to reduce friction). 
2020 ford expedition for sale kelowna bc
Total Terrain Management 

No longer fear those twisty trails. The 2020 Ford Expedition can adapt to every adventure, bringing Terrain Management technology to Kelowna. This feature boasts seven distinct drive-settings (Normal, Sport, Tow/Haul, Eco, Sand, Grass/Gravel/Snow, and Mud/Rut) that afford custom power-band responds and precise torque outputs. Activate them with the press of a button, instantly adjusting each V6 rev to ensure optimal traction.
2020 ford expedition for sale kelowna bc
Class-Leading Strength

When properly equipped with the available Heavy-Duty Trailer Package the Ford Expedition delivers impressive power - yielding up to 4,082-kg of towing on Max trims and 4,173-kg of towing on non-Max trims. This ensures Class IV performance, allowing drivers to effortlessly haul their favourite off-road items. Leave no luggage behind.
2020 ford expedition for sale kelowna bc
Exceptional Comfort

Endure crowded cabins no more. The 2020 Ford Expedition features a tri-row configuration that can accommodate up to eight passengers - head room (1068-mm, 1015-mm, and 950-mm), leg room (1115-mm, 1053-mm, 1081-mm), and shoulder room (1648-mm, 1647-mm, 1630-mm). Comfort is now guaranteed.
2020 ford expedition for sale kelowna bc
Passenger Entertainment

Defy even the longest (dullest) trips with help from the new Expedition. Ford has paired this SUV with exclusive dual head-rest display screens - allowing rear passengers to engage with data through high-resolution graphics and wireless connectivity. Stream mobile content; plug in gaming devices; and utilize Slingbox tech to watch live TV from the comfort of the cabin.
2020 ford expedition for sale kelowna bc
Ample Connectivity 

Stay charged - and sane - while traveling in the 2020 Ford Expedition. This platform boasts six available USB ports, five 12-volt power outlets, and an optional wireless pad (which can quickly fuel smartphone or tablet batteries). All devices can be synced to the media console, enabling passengers to customize their content with ease. 
2020 ford expedition for sale kelowna bc
Concert-Worthy Sound

Immerse yourself in quality sound. Available in the new Ford Expedition is a Bang and Olufsen system, which utilizes 12 speakers to deliver an audio experience like no other. Stream stereo and satellite links, taking advantage of more than 700-watts of pure hi-fi power. 
2020 ford expedition for sale kelowna bc
Wireless Support

No trail is too remote for the 2020 Expedition and its integrated wireless hot-spot. Transform your ride into a roaming mobile connection, powering up to 10 devices at once through the available FordPass data plan. This performance even extends outside of the cabin, with signal strength reaching up to 50 feet. Sync your media options with ease.  

The 2020 Ford Expedition Impresses In Kelowna BC

Available in XLT, Limited, Limited MAX, King Ranch, King Ranch MAX, Platinum, and Platinum MAX trims, the new Ford Expedition promises the performance BC drivers deserve. Its segment-leading terrain technology is surpassed only by its bespoke interior; and this ensures an unforgettable off-road experience.

Adventure in style, Kelowna.