2020 Ford F-350 Delivers Durability To Okanagan

May 25,2022

It's a familiar phrase - Built Ford Tough. When uttered it promises rugged performance, with vehicles tailored for the toughest terrains and most demanding payloads. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that Ford has fused its 2020 F-350 with this seal of brand approval. The new F-350 Super Duty can accommodate every demand - with its high-strength aluminum frame pitted against a series of all-terrain tests that would leave most trucks undone. For over 30,000,000-km this platform traveled, with Ford engineers seeking to push the boundaries of performance before releasing it to the BC market.   Climate Changes - the F-350 faced temperatures of -28-degrees Celsius to 48-degrees Celsius, with the impact of both winter sleet and summer sun studied. This showcased the likelihood of rust or corrosion, and it offered designers greater insights into component structures. Steep Inclines - Ford forced this pick-up to endure grueling six-degree grades for over 800-km, ensuring that the braking system and terrain control technologies could perform at peak levels for extended periods. Unique Environments - the F-350's suspension was punished with different terrains (including high-water wading, mud baths, and gravel pits). All responses were assessed to ensure optimal four-post responses.  Through these tests the Super Duty emerged a true full-ton beast - and Okanagan drivers will now reap the rewards. To learn more contact us today.