2020 Ford F-350 Improves Cargo Experience In Penticton

May 25,2022

No longer struggle with storage. Instead discover ease with each payload, taking advantage of the 2020 F-350's adaptable design. This Super Duty platform is tailored for everyday hauling, utilizing a series of chassis technologies to help drivers access and organize their cargo. Achieve total efficiency in the new F-350. Ford has fused this pick-up with exclusive exterior upgrades, simplifying storage in Penticton through:   Running Boards - both regular and extended lengths are available for the F-350. These deliver power-deployable ease, helping drivers enter the cab and access the bed. Tailgate Assist - a step and handle are integrated into the rear, retracting when needed to provide operators with support. These also smoothly stow away when not in use to maintain the athletic line of the truck. Remote Release - with the press of a button the tailgate will activate, gradually lowering to a flat position. This affords more storage, with the entire span of the door now available. LED Lighting - strategically mounted bulbs offer improved illumination, helping drivers conquer cargo at night. These are placed along the bed and across the roof (as part of the available PowerScope package). Through these technologies, the 2020 F-350 yields superior storage - enabling drivers to quickly organize every payload.  To learn more about these features - or to schedule a test-drive in the new F-350 - contact us today.