2020 Ford F-350 Offers Active Motion Tech To Kamloops

May 25,2022

Fatigue is your constant companion on the highway - doggedly trailing you on long hauls, trying always to undermine your responses on the road. Your muscles ache; your bones grow stiff; and a deep weariness settles over you.  This, Ford knows, can prove dangerous when moving cargo in Kamloops - which is why it's paired the 2020 F-350 with Active Motion tech. Inside the new F-350 are multi-contour seats fused with Active Motion capabilities. These leather-appointed cushions are engineered to ease the ache of everyday hauls, with Ford fusing them with exclusive air pockets. These line the back and bottom of the chair, activating with the press of a button to deliver a deep tissue massage. Rollers work in designated areas for up to 20 minutes at a time, helping to increase circulation and reduce muscle stiffness; and they also improve driver awareness, with the rise in blood flow helping to stimulate the brain (heightened oxygen levels allow for sharper synapse responses).  Through this, Kamloops operators can better react to road conditions - with their bodies refreshed and their minds clear. While Active Motion tech should never replace a full night's rest, it can greatly improve daily driving. Want to learn more about the 2020 F-350 and its exclusive Active Motion seats? Contact our team today!