2020 Ford F-350 Offers Roadside Assistance To Kamloops Drivers

May 25,2022

A sudden swerve, a loss of traction - and your truck goes rumbling into a ditch. You're unharmed but suddenly very inconvenienced, with no obvious way to remove your ride from the mud and muck. Ford suggests requesting roadside assistance. To ensure that F-350 operators are afforded the same security as their sedan-driving counterparts, Ford has paired the truck with the Roadside Assistance feature. In non-emergency situations, this system proves essential, providing key services to expedite the travel process:   Winching - schedule an on-site vehicle removal of up to 30-metres from a paved or county maintained road. Towing - have a Ford agent schedule a local service to take the F-350 to an authorized dealer within 56-kilometres of the disablement site. Fuel Delivery - request gasoline or diesel re-fills, with this service providing two no-charge visits per 12 month period. Key Assistance - if a fob is lost or compromised, a Ford agent can be called to activate the locks and allow drivers to re-enter their vehicles. Roadside Assistance provides Kamloops operators with peace of mind - ensuring that they can travel every highway, backroad, or path in-between with confidence. To learn more contact us today.