2020 Ford F-350 Offers Rugged Design To Vernon BC

May 25,2022

Defend your cargo against backroad frustrations. The 2020 F-350 delivers exclusive exterior upgrades to Vernon, allowing drivers to customize their rides for every adventure.  Ford promises superior protection to the BC market. Anchoring the new F-350 are a series of optional features - each meant to counter the roughest terrains. Skid plates line the front, deflecting debris away from the underbody; while splash guards at the rear will defend against ice, sleet, and other seasonal concerns. Wheel well liners shield your tires, and LED warning strobes sit at the top of the cabin (engage them in the wake of an accident to ensure passing vehicles are aware of your position). Further assisting Vernon drivers is the available Tough Bed technology. Applied with a high-pressure sprayer, this liner delivers a smooth layer of support - stretching from the tie-down hooks to the tailgate guard. Achieve a waterproof seal (which greatly lessens the chance of corrosion) and defend against cargo scratches (the material is tailored for the heavy-duty market). The 2020 F-350 enables Vernon operators to more confidently navigate the backroads - providing ample upgrades for the chassis. To learn more about this Super Duty model contact us today.