2020 ford fusion for sale kamloops bc

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2020 ford fusion for sale kamloops bc

2020 Ford Fusion Yields Peerless Performance In Kamloops

Redefine the sedan experience in BC. The 2020 Fusion - which is available in SE, SEL, and Titanium trims - proves that four-door convenience can be paired with dynamic handling, delivering three engine suites that will impress. Kamloops drivers can now achieve the performance they’ve been too long denied.

Ten Reasons The 2020 Ford Fusion Will Enhance Every Kamloops Commute

The sedan is no longer the safe and steady choice. It’s instead the only option - with the 2020 Fusion bringing superior capability to BC. This Ford platform (which boasts gas-powered, hybrid, and plug-in configurations) can adapt to any need; and we’re certain these ten advantages will sway crossover fans and pick-up devotees to the mid-size market.
2020 ford fusion for sale kamloops bc
EcoBoost Power

Anchoring the 2020 Fusion is a 1.5L EcoBoost engine. This inline-four block delivers up to 181 HP (at 6,000 RPMs) and 185 lb.-ft of torque (at 4,320 RPMs); while its six-speed automatic transmission yields SelectShift functionality, seamlessly adapting to power-band demands. This ensures that Kamloops drivers can achieve dynamic performance without compromising economy (earn a Combined 8.7 L/100km ratio).
2020 ford fusion for sale kamloops bc
Hybrid Performance

Available on the new Fusion is a 2.4L Atkinson-Cycle inline-four engine. This hybrid option proves efficient, generating up to 5.5 L/100km in the city and 5.7 L/100km on the highway; and BC drivers can take advantage of both sequential multi-port fuel injection and an electronically continuously variable transmission to optimize resource distribution while commuting.
2020 ford fusion for sale kamloops bc
Plug-In Possibilities

Further enhancing the 2020 Fusion is the available plug-in suite: a custom-tuned 2.4L Atkinson-Cycle block pairing with a 9kWh lithium-ion battery. This assures the best of all worlds, with each motor working in tandem to generate maximum power (188 HP, 195 lb.-ft of torque) and superior economy (2.3 Le/100km Combined). Compromise no more in BC.
2020 ford fusion for sale kamloops bc
EcoSelect Efficiency 

Control every rev when traveling in the new Fusion. Drivers can engage the EcoSelect function (which is mounted in the centre console) and instantly bolster performance: with acceleration decreased, braking improved, and internal functions - such as the AC and heating systems - strictly regulated to reduce fuel usage. This promotes a more effective ride and helps to lessen overall consumption.
2020 ford fusion for sale kamloops bc
SmartGauge Capabilities 

Assess driving behaviours with help from the Fusion’s SmartGauge system. This dual-LCD screen offers real-time metrics, allowing drivers to measure braking performance, speed patterns, and lithium-ion outputs; and this will help to improve habits behind the wheel (with digital leaf icons earned as a reward for every wise decision). Learn how to push this sedan to its full potential.
2020 ford fusion for sale kamloops bc
Superior Seating

The value of each sedan is measured in comfort - and the new Fusion proves ready to impress. Inside discover available leather-trimmed seating, with optional heating and cooling technologies integrated directly into the cushions. Power-adjusters afford precise alignments, while lumbar support further delights (allowing passengers to effortlessly ease tension on long trips). Indulge in every BC errand.
2020 ford fusion for sale kamloops bc
Upgraded Cabin

Content and connectivity combine in the 2020 Fusion. The SYNC 3 console anchors each adventure, boasting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility; while available Waze mapping technology enhances navigation. An optional 12-speaker Sony sound system yields peerless bass-lines, and HD Radio technology pairs with SiriusXM satellite links to ensure endless media options. Optimize your digital experiences.
2020 ford fusion for sale kamloops bc
Noise Control

Ambient sounds will no longer plague a commute - with the new Fusion featuring Active Noise Cancellation. This technology utilizes strategically placed microphones that detect exterior signals (such as from the engine or transmission). These then release counter-waves, which greatly diminish overall decibel quality and create a more refined cabin.
2020 ford fusion for sale kamloops bc
Traffic Monitoring

Rear-mounted sensors line the 2020 Fusion, releasing ultrasonic scans that can instantly detect changes in traffic patterns (including distance and acceleration). When these functions observe an approaching obstacle, they then release an immediate warning - using both audio and visual cues to alert the driver and afford improved reaction times. 
2020 ford fusion for sale kamloops bc
Lane Assistance

Maintain a safe alignment with help from the Fusion’s lane-keeping system. This feature - which uses advanced sensors to scan the roadway, automatically assessing markers and trajectory - can detect when the vehicle begins to waver; and it will quickly notify drivers to correct their positioning. Should this issue continue, a coffee cup icon will appear in the console to serve as a suggestion to rest.

2020 Ford Fusion Delivers Class-Leading Capability In Kamloops

With the release of the new Fusion Ford is injecting high-performance into the mid-size market - pairing its SE, SEL, and Titanium models with both dynamic power and exceptional upgrades. BC commutes will never be the same.


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