2020 ford ranger review okanagan bc
2020 ford ranger for sale okanagan bc

2020 Ford Ranger Dominates Mid-Size Market In Okanagan BC

Bigger isn’t always better. The 2020 Ranger proves this, delivering class-shattering power and all-terrain adaptability (despite its compact frame). This Ford pick-up - which draws inspiration from its original 1982 predecessor - dominates the trails and sales charts alike, letting Okanagan drivers experience full-ton capability… without the supersized proportions. 

Less truly can be more.

The 2020 Ford Ranger: Ten Features That Will Impress Okanagan Drivers

With the unveiling of the new Ranger (and its XL, XLT, and Lariat trims) Ford promises to redefine the pick-up segment in Okanagan - fusing unprecedented strength with full-throttle fun. This platform will effortlessly bridge the gap between the compact and full-size markets.
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Choose Your Configuration

The 2020 Ranger is ready to adapt to every demand, offering two unique configurations. SuperCab emphasizes exterior storage (a six-foot bed) over interior space (it seats up to four passengers); while the SuperCrew delivers a more generous cabin (it accommodates five riders) and a compact box (five-feet in total length). Find the right option for your adventures.
2020 ford ranger for sale penticton bc
EcoBoost Performance
Beneath the hood of the new Ranger growls a 2.3L block. This EcoBoost option pairs a twin-scroll turbocharger with a crisp ten-speed automatic transmission, affording maximum turbine pulse energy; and its class-leading output (270 HP, 310 lb.-ft of torque) assures dynamic responses on even the roughest roads. Achieve optimal power in Okanagan.
2020 ford ranger for sale penticton bc
A Rugged Frame

Dominate the backroads in the 2020 Ranger. This pick-up is tailored for thrills, with its fully-boxed frame carved from high-strength steel. Six cross-members ably support the design, affording improved stability; while the body mounts have been subjected to rigorous testing (including hours spent in grueling temperatures of 37.8-degrees Celsius) to assure durability. No longer fear the trails.
2020 ford ranger for sale penticton bc
Nimble Handling

Anchoring the Ranger is an advanced suspension system - which fuses independent A-arms with parabolic leaf springs to promote smooth articulation. Nitrogen gas-pressurized shock absorbers reduce impact levels, while monotube technologies promote heat resistance. Through this drivers can experience peerless off-road performance, eliminating the heavy friction that comes from traditional multi-link designs. 
2020 ford ranger for sale penticton bc
All-Terrain Exploration

Control every press of the pedal. The 2020 Ranger boasts Terrain-Management technology, which utilizes four custom drive-modes (Normal, Grass/Gravel/Snow, Mud/Ruts, and Sand) to optimize the power-band and regulate torque outputs. Real-time calibrations ensure deft handling on even the toughest trails, seamlessly adapting to changing inclines and environments. 
2020 ford ranger for sale penticton bc
Optimal Throttle Responses

To further assure off-road precision Ford pairs the Ranger with Trail Control software. This system regulates acceleration while descending hills; and its integrated braking and throttle management adapts each individual wheel as needed, correcting both alignment and traction. This maintains a smooth trajectory, enabling Okanagan operators to focus on steerage (rather than adjusting speed).
2020 ford ranger for sale penticton bc
Seamless Environmental Changes

At the rear of the Ranger sits an electronic locking differential. This feature (which is included in the FX4 Package) promises peerless control, automatically adapting to sudden terrain changes by applying pressure to the back wheels. Traction is adjusted, and braking output is increased. This allows operators to maintain a steady alignment, even when transitioning from low valleys to high hills. 
2020 ford ranger for sale penticton bc
Exceptional Clearance

Conquer every terrain in this Ford pick-up. Boasting segment-leading capability - an approach angle of 28.7-degrees, a departure angle of 25.4-degrees, and a ramp breakover angle of 21.5-degrees - the Ranger can effortlessly manoeuvre over ruts and rocks. It features a total ground clearance of 225-mm, and its narrow front overhang (910-mm) allows it to efficiently navigate any corner.
2020 ford ranger for sale penticton bc
FX4 Package

Upgrade the all-terrain experience with the Ranger’s F4X Package. Custom-tuned monotube shocks promote balanced handling, while wide-tread tires crush the pavement. A steel bash plate anchors the front, and skid under-mounts line the sides (helping to divert debris). To further impress a custom cluster gauge is offered, calculating pitch, roll rates, and even steering angles in real-time.
2020 ford ranger for sale penticton bc
Infotainment Options

The Ranger delivers more than performance. Instead Okanagan drivers will find ample entertainment on the backroads by utilizing the SYNC 3 console. Integrated hot-spots can accommodate up to ten devices, while the AppLink system allows for custom software (including Pandora and Yelp). Hands-free controls promote convenience, and an available twelve-speaker system ensures trail-rattling chords.

Choose A 2020 Ranger In Okanagan BC

Expect more from the pick-up segment than mere trailering. Instead allow the new Ranger (available in XL, XLT, and Lariat trims) to deliver the off-road performance you crave, with its fully-boxed frame engineered to thrill. The BC market will never be the same.