2020 Ford Transit Adapts To Daily Driving In Vernon BC

May 25,2022

A super-sized philosophy doesn't always prove necessary - or wanted. Too often do Vernon drivers find themselves struggling to manoeuvre their massive commercial vans down city streets; and a simple turn becomes an ordeal. Ford suggests a more economical option - the 2020 Transit in a Regular/Low Roof configuration. For those sending their payloads downtown the Regular/Low Roof Transit will prove ideal - boasting a series of tight dimensions that allow it to more effectively adapt. Its sporty profile (which measures 5,585-mm in length and 2,123-mm in height) can smoothly manoeuvre down any lane; while the lean front track (1,732-mm) promises easier parking. The hinged door opens to 1,300-mm, providing a cargo-friendly width that won't impede sidewalk traffic; and the mirrors can fold inward to afford greater clearance (2,114-mm versus the standard 2,464-mm). The 2020 Transit will impress in BC, allowing drivers to effortlessly navigate tight turns - and it will prove that less can truly be more. Want to experience the new Transit's downtown capabilities? Contact our team today to schedule a test-drive in one of our available models - and don't hesitate to request additional spec or financing information as well.