2020 Ford Transit Brings 10-Speed Performance To Penticton

May 25,2022

Heavy hauls demand peerless performance - which is why Ford is now pairing its 2020 Transit with an exclusive 10-speed automatic transmission. This cargo van will adapt to every payload, delivering custom gear settings and peak efficiency. Struggle no more, Penticton! According to Ford Authority, the new Transit (which is available in Cargo, Crew, and Passenger trims) will feature a 10-speed automatic transmission. This will replace the original six-speed across all markets, and it will bolster performance capabilities - offering a broad ratio spread that can accommodate changing inclines and payloads alike. Adaptive shift scheduling technology provides real-time support, seamlessly adjusting to operator commands; while a drag-reduction function improves responses. Three overdrive gears enhance capability, allowing the system to quickly accelerate between mid-range settings and promoting a more balanced ride. Further bolstering this transmission is its use of low-viscosity fuel. The 10-speed console is engineered to reduce friction and increase economy - ensuring an estimated highway output of 12.8/100L KM. The 2020 Transit promises to redefine the commercial market - thanks to its innovative transmission system. To learn more about this feature (or to schedule a test-drive in one of our available models) contact us today.