2020 Ford Transit Connect Brings Side-Wind Stabilization To Penticton

May 25,2022

High winds prove the bane of every payload - undermining stability, countering cornering, and threatening to topple even tightly-packed stacks. Penticton drivers find themselves traveling the highway with clenched fists, worried that a sudden gale will leave them compromised. Ford has a solution to this windy problem - the 2020 Transit Connect. Bolstering the new Transit Connect is exclusive side-wind stabilization technology. Sensors line the exterior panels, continually assessing gust patterns and weather trends. If a change is detected - such as a sudden air burst - alerts will be sent to the braking system, automatically triggering pressure application. This will decrease overall acceleration and enhance traction, affording a more balanced ride. To further improve performance, the Transit's side-wind system is used in conjunction with Roll Stability Control - which helps to reduce lateral slides and sudden skids by re-distributing traction among the wheels. It maintains an optimal stance, seamlessly adjusting power outputs; and this allows drivers to achieve a refined hauling experience, even when faced with strong gusts. The 2020 Transit Connect delivers more than impressive payloads (up to 2,055-kg). Instead it helps to bolster the Penticton commercial market - enabling operators to stay on schedule and in control.  To learn more about this Ford van contact us today.