2020 Ford Transit Connect Promises Smooth Handling In Penticton

May 25,2022

Elegance isn't an expectation. You chose your cargo van for strength, not smooth handling; and you've resigned yourself to a lifetime of clumsy steerage and slow responses. This is the way of things. With the release of the 2020 Transit Connect Ford is determined to change that. The new Transit Connect has arrived and it's bringing dynamic handling to Penticton. An independent MacPherson-Strut suspension bolsters the front, while the rear is assisted by leaf springs and heavy-duty shock absorbers. A stabilizer bar anchors the chassis, helping to assure balanced responses on tight turns; and AdvanceTrac technology improves performance, boasting increased torque control and precise speed regulation.  Further enhancing the Transit's handling is its steering system - which pairs a rack-and-pinion design with electric power-assistance. This allows operators to more effectively adapt to changing terrains, with advanced sensors automatically identifying when the column tension should be adjusted. Achieve a more refined ride in Penticton. The 2020 Transit Connect delivers exceptional performance, with its chassis tailored for rough roads and heavy payloads alike. To schedule a spin in this Ford van - or to request additional specs or financing information - contact our team today.