2020 Ford Transit Delivers Intelligent AWD To BC BC

May 25,2022

Highway conditions don't always prove favourable. Instead Vernon drivers will find themselves battling strong winds, heavy rains, and slick bursts of sleet - all of which compromise the performance of their commercial vans. Each trip becomes a challenge. Ford wishes to change that - which is why it's paired the 2020 Transit with optional Intelligent All-Wheel-Drive. Anchoring the new Transit is an advanced drivetrain that can adapt to changing environments with ease. Integrated sensors continually scan the vehicle, assessing traction ratios, trajectory patterns, and roll rates hundreds of times per second. If a misalignment is detected, these units automatically divert power among the wheels (distributing torque as needed to improve grippage and assure a more balanced stance). When the issue is corrected, they will then send a signal to resume normal performance outputs.  Through this, the Transit can seamlessly respond to the highway - with its Intelligent AWD yielding real-time corrections and precise traction control. To further impress, Ford has also ensured that this system is fully integrated into the chassis and will not impact the floor level or seat height. Achieve maximum storage in BC. Curious about the 2020 Transit and its available AWD? Contact our team today to learn more about this system.