2020 Ford Transit Promises Effortless Handling In Kamloops

May 25,2022

Appearances may prove deceiving - as fans of the 2020 Transit can attest. Despite this Ford van's super-sized roofline (with the Long-El trim delivering 2,780-mm of total height), it still boasts a downtown design, with its chassis tailored for tight Kamloops turns. Struggle no more with manoeuvring through the city streets. The 2020 Transit Long-El has been engineered for everyday hauls - with Ford ensuring that its 3,750-mm wheelbase can navigate any corner. It features a tight track design (1,732.3-mm in the front and 1,742.4-mm in the rear), while the forward overhang measures only 1,023-mm to afford easier manoeuvring. The side-view mirrors can be folded inward when parking in narrow spaces, dropping the total platform width from 2,474-mm to 2,113.3-mm; and the 712-mm curb extension allows drivers to roll over speed-bumps and pot-holes with confidence. Despite its city-friendly design, however, the 2020 Transit Long-El still emphasizes cargo convenience - with its side-sliding doors measuring 1,600.2-mm in height and 1,300.5-mm in width. Stowing equipment will prove an easy task. Curious about the new Transit Long-El? Contact our team today to learn more about this commercial van - and don't hesitate to schedule a test-drive at your earliest convenience.