2020 Ford Transit Upgrades The Commercial Experience In Vernon

May 25,2022

Style is often sacrificed in the commercial market - and, for those wanting more than mere payload power, this can prove frustrating. This is why Ford has paired the 2020 Transit with a series of exterior upgrades, injecting some much-needed design into every haul. Choose the exclusive Exterior Package to transform the new Transit. Among the included features are:   Chrome Trim  The standard halogen headlamps are given an upgrade, with chrome strips now surrounding them. This perfectly complements the wide, square shape of each light. Chrome Grille Traditional carbon black is swapped for dynamic chrome, with the tri-bar shape flanked by metallic trim. This proves a striking contrast to the Transit's dark accents (including its capped mirrors and hood vents). Wheel Upgrades Discover two unique wheel configurations for the 2020 Transit: 16-inch Steel With Full Silver Covers (SRW). 16-inch Silver Steel With Exposed Lug Nuts (DRW). Each will add a sporty stance to the commercial market, especially when paired with standard all-season tires. The 2020 Transit offers more than performance to Vernon. To take advantage of its available exterior upgrades - or to request additional specs - contact our team today. We will happily connect you to the information you need.