2020 Ford Transit XL Delivers Heavy-Duty Trailer Package To Kamloops

May 25,2022

With the release of the 2020 Transit XL Passenger Van Ford is bringing convenience to Kamloops - delivering an expansive tri-row cabin that can host up to 15 people with ease. The Big Blue Oval knows, however, that each of these riders will come with an excess of suitcases and souvenirs; and a trailer will be needed to accommodate it all. This is why it's paired the new Transit XL Passenger Van with an exclusive Trailer Tow Package. Available for this platform is a heavy-duty package, which affords enhanced cargo capabilities. A frame-mounted hitch receiver ensures effortless reversals, while a 4-pin/7-pin connector seamlessly accommodates all electronic systems (including the brake lights). An integrated relay bolsters turn signal functions, and wiring provisions for a rear jumper are also included. Additionally, Ford has fused this van with Tow/Haul capabilities - which provide smooth gear transitions, automatically responding to power-band demands as inclines change. Through this the new Transit XL can easily haul up to 3,130-kg - and Kamloops operators will never have to compromise comfort for storage. To learn more about this Ford van (or to request a test-drive in one of our available Transit models) contact our team today.