2020 Ford Transit XLT Simplifies Refueling Process In Kamloops BC

May 25,2022

The number proves impressive - with a 95-litre fuel tank anchoring the 2020 Transit XLT. Ford has ensured that this passenger van can deliver efficiency, utilizing both port-injection and direct-injection technologies to maximize resources; and this assures a 12.8 L/100km rating on the highway, allowing Kamloops operators to focus on payloads instead of station visits. Eventually, however, every Transit driver will need to seek out fuel - and to simplify this process the FordPass Connect app is available. When searching for fuel activate the FordPass program (which is compatible with both Apple and Android devices). Access the Find tab and take advantage of real-time monitoring, with a grid-map of nearby stations appearing. Users can observe pump locations, creating turn-by-turn directions to them; or they can instead refine their searches, building a series of custom parameters (including price ranges, preferred brands, and available grades) to ensure they receive the perfect options. Through this function the FordPass app allows Kamloops drivers to more efficiently fuel their platforms - delivering GPS precision and advanced price gauging.  Curious about how this suite can impact your Transit travels? Contact our team today to learn more - and don't forget to schedule a test-drive in the new XLT.