2021 Ford EcoSport Ideal for New Drivers in BC

May 25,2022

Get extra peace of mind when new drivers are behind the wheel in BC with the 2021 EcoSport. It has Ford MyKey technology available to customize different profiles for two users of this SUV. MyKey lets the primary user set the EcoSport's features for the other operator. Use it to limit the maximum speed to 135, 121, 113, or 105 km/h and cap the entertainment system's full audio volume to 45%. You can also have the SUV sound an alert when the fuel tank has reached 120 kilometres to empty. Furthermore, you can program speed warnings at 105, 90, or 75 km/h to keep new drivers aware of their pace and set up a Belt-Minder alert to chime if they're not buckled up. It will automatically mute the entertainment system until they strap in before their drives around BC. Learn more about the 2021 EcoSport by contacting us at Skaha Ford today.