2021 Ford Edge Titanium Handles Any Weather in BC, Canada

May 25,2022

Whether it is a bright, sunny day or gloomy rainy evening in BC, this 2021 Ford Edge Titanium can handle all of it. It comes with plenty of features that will lend a hand no matter what weather conditions you encounter out on the roads. This SUV comes with rain-sensing variable speed intermittent wipers, which will kick themselves on as needed once they detect the presence of water. At the same time, the heated mirrors melt away fog and ice so that chilly drives won't be of any concern, either. Likewise, the automatic LED headlamps activate themselves whenever it gets dim, and the fog lights can cut through the gloomiest of evenings. And there is a defroster equipped on the rear glass. Plus, 4-wheel disc brakes that'll bring you to stop with confidence on BC's streets no matter the weather. Contact Skaha Ford today to book a test drive in this 2021 Edge Titanium.