2021 Ford Escape Hybrid Brings Efficiency to BC

May 25,2022

The 2021 Ford Escape Hybrid is an energy-saving crossover that’s ideal for eco-conscious drivers in BC Canada. The plug-in model has a 14.4-kwh lithium-ion battery for a range of up to 37 miles in electric-only mode, and when combined with the 2.5-litre inline-4 gas engine, it achieves 41 mpg. For stand-alone editions, you get the same stellar rating, while the experience behind the wheel in both is smooth and efficient thanks to the continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT).

The CVT doesn’t use conventional gears; rather it employs belts and pulleys which allow a constant RPM at varying speeds. This setup allows your Escape to seamlessly shift based on driving conditions, which maximizes engine performance and minimizes fuel consumption. Then the on-board computer constantly monitors and responds to what’s happening as you navigate through BC to optimize the system’s operatation.

Get in touch with Skaha Ford today to learn more about 2021 Escape.

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