2021 Ford Escape SEL Helps Keep BC Drivers Safe

May 25,2022

This 2021 Ford Escape SEL makes staying safe second nature for drivers in BC. That's because it comes with plenty of features that are designed to keep you protected during your adventures. First, this SUV includes traction and stability control systems that will help keep you sure-footed. Next, there are both lane-keeping and departure warning features installed, so staying in line will be of no concern, either. Furthermore, the Back-Up camera uses the centre-mounted touchscreen to show you a clear view of the area behind the SUV, while the 4-wheel ABS brake assist system helps avoid collisions. Finally, there's a full suite of airbags installed in the front and rear, so every occupant gets ample cushioning if an accident does occur during your drives around BC. To schedule a test drive of this 2021 Escape SEL and learn more about Skaha Ford's excellent available trade-in deals, contact our team today.