2021 Ford Explorer XLT on Sale in Coquitlam

May 25,2022

It is always nice to have help while on the road. That is why this 2021 Explorer XLT available at Skaha Ford's BC dealership boasts so many assistance features. This Explorer has a Rear Parking Aid to make getting into tight spots a breeze. And Cross-Traffic Alert pairs excellently with its Blind Spot Monitoring System to warn you about any hazards in places you cannot see. At the same time, the lane-keeping assist system alerts you when you venture out of line and can even nudge the wheel back into place if needed. Likewise, cruise control governs your speed for you, meaning the highway need not be intimidating. So, go ahead and set the multi-zone temperature management setup to your preferred level and head out on adventures around Coquitlam. Get in touch with our team at Skaha Ford's BC dealership to book a test drive of this 2021 Explorer XLT today.