2021 Ford F-150 Easy to Enter and Exit in BC

May 25,2022

A truck that's high off the ground is excellent for negotiating terrain, but it can be tricky to access the cabin. That's why the 2021 Ford F-150 has power running boards and remote keys available to help you out in BC. Measuring 6-inches wide, the available power extendable running boards give you a boost up to the truck. They usually are stowed safely out of the way in the undercarriage but open a door, and they'll deploy automatically, then retract again upon closing. An optional kick switch lets you simply move your leg in a swinging motion with the fob in your pocket, and the step comes out then, too. The doors open with a keyless entry system anywhere across BC, as well. Walk up to them with the fob in your pocket, and they'll unlock as you pull the handle. Contact Skaha Ford to learn more about the 2021 F-150 today.