2021 Ford F-550 Brings Durability to Hedley

May 25,2022

Discover durability over the long haul with the 2021 F-550 from Skaha Ford in BC. This chassis cab is built for commercial fleets that face tough conditions head-on and require a hard-working medium-duty truck that can keep up with their towing and hauling needs. The 2021 F-550 features a high-strength, military-grade, aluminum-alloy body that is lightweight and immensely stout and pairs to the heavy-duty axle, chassis and steering components to handle punishing jobs. More dent and ding resistant than other generations of steel, the F-550's body is also not subject to red rust corrosion when exposed to moist air, resulting in lasting hardiness over time. The 2021 F-550 comes equipped with four-wheel anti-lock brakes with the largest rotors in its class. This not only provides prevailing stopping power when hauling massive loads or carrying hefty payloads of cargo, but these heavy-duty brakes also ensure long-lasting performance to minimize downtime and protect your bottom line. The 2021 F-550 is engineered for extremes. To learn more about this Super Duty's durable design, contact our team at Skaha Ford in BC for a full spec review. We also provide full-service maintenance and repairs for medium-duty trucks. Get in touch today!