2021 Ford F-550 Ensures Quality Construction in Oliver

May 25,2022

If your commercial fleet requires a rugged chassis cab with durability for the long haul, consider a 2021 F-550 from Skaha Ford in BC. This Super Duty is the toughest, hardest-working generation that the Blue Oval has ever designed, ensuring quality construction with each weld and superior might. The foundation of the 2021 F-550 chassis cab is a fully boxed under-cab and C-channel aft-of-cab frame crafted from high-strength steel with up to 10 crossmembers. A three-hole pattern is located on the bottom side of the frame to allow for easier upfits and aftermarket hitch installations, while an open C-channel aft-of-cab frame features a standard 34-inch frame rail.  When engineering the 2021 F-550, Ford also prioritized weight savings with the inclusion of a high-strength, military-grade, aluminum-alloy body that is lightweight yet incredibly strong. Rather than stop there, the automaker invested this weight saving into heavy-duty axles, suspension, brake, driveline and transfer case components to enhance the chassis cab's toughness and capability. The 2021 F-550 is built for extremes. Whether your commercial fleet carries weighty payloads, tows heavy equipment or operates in harsh conditions, this chassis cab has your back. Contact our team at Skaha Ford in BC to learn more, including information about our medium-duty truck maintenance and repairs.