2021 Ford F-650 Delivers Driver-Assists to Summerland Fleets

May 25,2022

The days are long and the jobs are punishing – but the 2021 F-650, which is available from Skaha Ford in BC, shares the workload. This medium-duty truck comes equipped with several driver assists to help you get your workday done while feeling comfortable and in control.

All 2021 F-650 models include automatic headlamps, which automatically illuminate the road ahead in low-light situations. You’ll also enjoy standard hill start assist, which allows you to seamlessly switch from the brake pedal to the gas without rolling backwards while on a slope. The 2021 F-650 comes equipped with a traction control system, as well, which limits tire slip when accelerating on slick surfaces.

Adding the Driver-Assist Technology Package to the 2021 F-650 unlocks other features to enhance your behind-the-wheel experience. This includes automatic emergency braking and forward-collision warning, which alerts the driver of potential collisions by applying the brakes automatically. Adaptive cruise control also lets the driver set a speed and distance from vehicles in front, while auto high-beam headlamps automatically activate to enhance visibility and shut off when ongoing traffic is detected.

To learn more about the 2021 F-650’s advanced driver aids, contact our team at Skaha Ford in BC to schedule a test drive today. Our Service Department is also available to answer all your medium-duty truck repair and maintenance questions.

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