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2021 Ford F-350 Offers Incredible Towing Capabilities in BC, Canada

If you are searching for a full-size, heavy-duty pickup that can pull just about anything, then you need to set your sights on the 2021 Ford F-350. With class-leading three engines to choose from, this platform will ensure that you find the perfect match to suit your driving needs.

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6.2 Litre V8 with 6-Speed

The first motor in the F-350 lineup is the 6.2-litre SOHC 2-valve Flex Fuel V8. Mated with the 6-speed automatic transmission, it delivers 385 hp and 430 lb-ft of torque. Only equipped on the Regular Cab model, it can tow up to 5,987 kg (13,200 lbs). Just like all of the other engines, it is built out of cast iron and features an aluminum cylinder head.

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6.2 Litre V8 with 10-Speed

The same F-350 motor can also be partnered with the 10-speed automatic transmission. While the performance output is unchanged, the maximum hauling capacity is increased. Regular Cabs can pull between 6,032 and 7,574 (13,300 and 16,700 lbs) depending on the drivetrain and the rear axle. Super Cabs can manage between 5,624 and 6,803 kg (12,400 and 15,000 lbs), and the larger Crew Cabs can tug 5,760 to 6,803 lbs (12,700 to 15,000 lbs).

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6.7 Litre Diesel V8

Next, the F-350's 6.7-litre Powerstroke Diesel OHV 32-valve V8 pumps out 475 hp and 1,050 lb-ft of torque. All of the available configurations can tow between 6,894 and 9,16 kg (15,000 to 21,200 lbs) without breaking a sweat. The recommended fuel for this particular machine is ultra-low sulfur diesel/B20. It is also the only motor that uses a gear camshaft drive instead of a silent chain.

<a href="https://skahaford.com/inventory/#/?&orderBy=5&asc=1&t=0&filter=[New%2CFORD%2CSuper%20Duty%20F-350%20SRW%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C]"><img src="https://skahaford.com/images/upload/August_2021/ccc/f350/2021_Ford_F350_7.3LV8.png"alt="2021 Ford F-350 with 7.3 litre v8”/></a>

7.3 Litre V8

Finally, the largest powertrain in the F-350 lineup is the 7.3-litre 2-valve DEVCT V8. Producing 430 hp and 475 lb-ft of torque, it provides the best performance for difficult jobs. Regular Cabs can haul between 6,350 and 9,525 kgs (14,000 and 21,000 lbs). Super Cabs can manage up to 6,803 kgs (15,000 lbs), and the Crew Cabs can pull up to 9,298 kg (20,500 lbs).

<a href="https://skahaford.com/inventory/#/?&orderBy=5&asc=1&t=0&filter=[New%2CFORD%2CSuper%20Duty%20F-350%20SRW%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C]"><img src="https://skahaford.com/images/upload/August_2021/ccc/f350/2021_FordF350_GooseneckHitch.jpg"alt="2021 Ford F-350 with gooseneck hitch and trailer on a ranch”/></a>

Hitch Prep Package

If you want to be able to haul even heavier attachments, then you may want to consider adding the Hitch Prep Package. This F-350 grouping provides the necessary hardware required for installing a 5th Wheel or Gooseneck Hitch. It includes a flat cargo box floor that can be utilized when the receiver is not in use. It can also increase the truck’s maximum towing limit to 12,473 kgs (27,500 lbs), depending on the model.

Find a Ford F-350 Super Duty Truck in BC, Canada

Available in six trim levels and starting at $35,745, the new Ford F-350 Super Duty is the ideal truck to get the job right. If you would like to take one out for a spin or inquire about our current inventory, get in touch with our team of experts today!

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