2021 Ford Ranger Adds Eyes in the Back of Your Head Around BC

May 25,2022

Guiding a truck backwards can often feel tricky, which is why the 2021 Ford Ranger comes with a Rear View Camera installed as standard. It makes the whole process straightforward. After shifting the 2021 Ranger into the Reverse gear, the camera automatically displays its live feed on the screen mounted in the dashboard's centre. Plus, it overlays guidelines on top of the image to offer additional help in avoiding obstacles behind you. There are two types of guidelines. The Fixed version will direct you in heading straight back, while the Active ones help you navigate curved paths. Additionally, parking aids indicate if one side of the truck is getting too close to any fixed or moving hazards while pulling into tight spots around BC—with colour-coded alerts offering more assistance whenever it's needed. To find out more about the 2021 Ranger, get in touch with our team at Skaha Ford today.