2021 Ford Ranger Offers Superb Acoustics in BC

May 25,2022

Your truck might not seem like the ideal place for listening to your tunes in BC, but the 2021 Ford Ranger has an available B&O Sound System by Bang & Olufsen to make that a reality. This unique speaker setup has been designed with your pickup in mind and delivers fantastic audio during your drives. Featuring 10 speakers strategically placed throughout the truck's cabin that have been specifically tuned and calibrated for the space, the B&O Sound System gives you an excellent listening experience. This ensures the 675 watts that surge throughout the setup are used to their fullest extent every time. Plus, the system incorporates a microphone to continually monitor background noise – which helps it filter out distractions. That lets you enjoy your playlists with more clarity and fewer interruptions when driving on BC's streets. Ask our team at Skaha Ford for more information about the 2021 Ranger today.