2021 Ford Ranger’s FX2 Package Upgrades its Looks and Performance in BC

May 25,2022

Bring upgraded looks and performance to job sites all over BC with the 2021 Ford Ranger and its available FX2 Package. This group of add-ons not only enhances the truck's aesthetics but also makes it an off-roading powerhouse. First, the Package provides FX2 bodyside decals plus standard off-roading OWL tires. Tied to those wheels is the electronic-locking rear differential—which helps afford you excellent traction on tricky surfaces—while the suspension has been designed with trails in mind. Next, there is also an exposed steel bash plate installed to guard against any bumps and scrapes. Finally, the inside has a cluster screen installed. You can use it to see feedback about vital statistics, such as your pitch and roll numbers or steering angle during drives in BC. Get in touch with our team at Skaha Ford today to learn more about the 2021 Ranger and its available enhancement packages, plus many other available options.