2021 Ford Super Duty F-250 Can Self-Clean Its Engine in BC

May 25,2022

During jobs in BC, your truck might sometimes spend a while idling. That's not ideal for diesel engines because soot builds up in the particulate filter, and there's not enough exhaust heat generated to burn it off. Fortunately, the 2021 Ford F-250 has Operator-Commanded Regeneration with Active Inhibit available to handle it. This Super Duty will flash a warning light when soot buildup happens, which is your signal to push the activation button. That kicks up the exhaust temperature for a while to burn off the debris, and then it drops down once everything finishes. Active Inhibit delays this process if you're parked over combustible materials on a BC worksite (like dry grass or leaves) to prevent flareups. That gives you time to shift to a safe place and push the activation button again – ideal for commercial use cases. Contact Skaha Ford to learn more about the 2021 Super Duty F-250.