2022 EXPLORER LIMITED – Shift Smoothly With 10-Speed Automatic Transmission

Sep 21,2022

Ford's Explorer, specifically its Explorer Limited variant, has always been a fan favorite with SUV enthusiasts. Do you ever wonder why this ride which has spanned generations, continues to be a fan favorite in the ever-changing automotive landscape? We believe it is its unrivaled performance. Ford's all-new 2022 EXPLORER LIMITED, just like its predecessor, has all the same things that its fans have loved them for. It offers excellent value for money; it is affordable and offers an unparalleled smooth drive. It is able to offer this smooth drive because the 2022 EXPLORER LIMITED is factory fitted with its excellent 10-Speed Automatic Transmission system. This technology allows you to drive your car wherever you are for the best experience possible. Ford's intelligent technology system automatically adjusts your SUV speed transmission to suit the best requirement you require, enabling you to experience a driving pleasure that is bar-none. Hence, if you are ready to drive the best SUV available on the market that has spell bounded its fans for generations, then we recommend you should get in touch with Skaha Ford as soon as possible. One of Ford's premier authorized dealers, they will serve you with a level of customer care and deals that are simply unmatched. So if you want the best, contact them now!