2022 Ford Edge ST BC Canada Security Features

Sep 10,2022

The 2022 Ford Edge ST is one of Ford’s most pristine offerings so you will need to take care to keep it secure. The good news is that this car has many security features to minimize unauthorized entry and theft. Let’s examine some of these features. The 2022 Ford Edge ST’s Remote Keyless Entry System is a common feature found on other Ford vehicles, but it remains a very useful system to have. This system detects when your key fob is within 90cm of the door and automatically unlocks the car as soon as you pull the handle. This makes things much easier as you won’t need to reach into your pocket to retrieve your keyfob and unlock the car manually. The SecuriCode™ Keyless Entry Keypad offers you another secure car-unlocking method. Simply enter your car’s unlock code on the pad to unlock your doors and gain entry to your vehicle. The SecuriLock® Passive Anti-Theft System is a special system designed to immobilize your engine if it detects an authorized user. The engine locks up if the system detects someone attempting to start your start using a fake coded key. This ensures you are the only person who can enter your vehicle with your original coded keyfob. All the above features combine to make the 2022 Ford Edge ST one of the most secure vehicles on the road. To learn more about the 2022 Ford Edge ST and its features, please contact Skaha Ford dealership.