2022 Ford Edge ST BC Canada Sports Mode

October 9,2022

The 2022 Ford Edge ST is a sporty SUV that offers intense engine power thanks to its 2.7L V6 Boost Engine. This vehicle performs well under ordinary driving conditions. However, it also has a special Sports Mode if you’re looking for greater control and stability under poor road or weather conditions.
So how does the Sports Mode work? The 2022 Ford Edge ST is a front-wheel drive vehicle in its standard mode. This is great for driving on normal road conditions. The Sports Mode, on the other hand, kicks the car into all-wheel-drive mode.
When you activate this mode, an intelligent system triggers the transmission’s internal clutch pack and connects the real wheels with the vehicle drivetrain. This offers better traction for uneven surfaces or wet driving conditions.
The second you hit the “S” button in the cabin, the vehicle instrument cluster’s digital readings change to a tachometer. The engine roar also increases due to its increased responsiveness in this mode.
Driving the 2022 Ford Edge ST in Sports Mode feels like a different experience. Drivers can rest assured their vehicle will perform excellently in a variety of conditions thanks to this special feature that Ford has optimized with the help of its engineers. To learn more about the 2022 Ford Edge ST and its features, please contact Skaha Ford dealership.

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