2022 Ford Edge Titanium Offers Driving Aids in BC

May 25,2022

Aside from the standard Ford CoPilot360 safety suite, the new Edge Titanium can also be fitted with other advancements. Headed to our BC dealership, you can join the waitlist for one now! The best enhancement you could add to this top-of-the-line model is Adaptive Cruise Control. Not only does it allow you to set a speed limit and following distance, but it is bolstered by Stop and Go technology as well as Lane Centring. The first will monitor the flow of traffic up ahead. If it slows down or comes to halt, so will your crossover. You don't have to stress out or keep switching between the accelerator and the brake pedals. The second aspect will ensure that you do not deviate from your path. Keep track of the line on the road, it will maintain the course and correct if you begin to sway. Another function you can opt for is the Enhanced Active Park Assist with Side Sensors. This compliments the rearview camera and Cross-Traffic Alert system. It will notify you if you get too close to scraping another vehicle. Would you like to try the Ford Edge out for yourself? Contact our team of agents today to make an appointment or ask about current inventory!