2022 Ford Escape SE Hybrid – Dual-Zone Electronic Automatic Temperature Control

Oct 6,2022

Today's modern cars are equipped with smart technology and innovative features to help you get around easier and more comfortably, and the next generation of Ford vehicles is no exception. The 2022 Ford Escape SE Hybrid, the hybrid version of the popular compact SUV, has integrated dual-zone electronic automatic temperature control, meaning that you can set the temperature in each passenger's seat from the driver's seat. By having two distinct temperature settings, one for the driver and one for the passenger, you can ensure that both the driver and the passenger are comfortable. This allows you to focus on your drive instead of figuring out how to split a single setting between multiple people in the car. This dual-zone automatic temperature control is controlled by an electric motor capable of switching from cold to hot very quickly. A small fan blows air from one side to the other. The fan speed can be controlled by rotating the knob located on the center console. This system benefits those sitting in an area where the temperature varies significantly from what they would prefer. For instance, many people like to stay cool while driving on hot days, but when they get out of their cars and walk around, they need to warm up quickly. The dual-zone electronic automatic temperature control feature allows drivers to control how they feel without having to manually reach and adjust each car vent. Contact us at Skaha Ford for more details about the new 2022 Ford Escape SE Hybrid's dual-zone electronic automatic temperature control.