2022 Ford Escape SEL Offers Advanced Safety Systems to Peachland

Jun 7,2022

Although the 2022 Ford Escape SEL is the mid-level trim, it is still equipped with some fantastic safety systems that you will love. Available right now at our dealership in Penticton, you can experience the advanced technology of this particular model in person today! The first element is a two-in-one feature known as BLIS with Cross-Traffic Alert. Using sensors, it will detect the proximity of other vehicles in relation to your Escape. It will also let you know when it is not safe to change lanes or reverse due to an obstacle. Next is a three-in-one collection of lane mechanisms. Known as the Lane-Keeping System, it monitors the lines on the road to ensure that you are not swaying off course. It has the ability to make minor steering adjustments to prevent you from leaving your designated lane. Finally, the last mind-blowing cluster of driving aids is a four-in-one suite known as Pre-Collision Assist. Combined with cameras, Pedestrian Detection, Forward Collision Warning, and Dynamic Brake Support, it will notify you of any oncoming threat. If no evasive action is taken, it can stop the Escape on its own. Get in touch with our agents at Skaha Ford to learn more about the new Escape models!