2022 Ford Explorer Limited Turns Heads in Penticton

May 25,2022

As a full-size SUV that has gained rapid popularity in Canada for its practical appeal, the new 2022 Ford Explorer Limited also boasts an esthetically-pleasing exterior. The perfect combination of brains, brawn, and beauty, this particular trim level can be reserved at our dealership in Penticton right now! Rolling on 20-inch aluminum wheels, this model comes with automatic high beams for optimized visibility on pitch-black highways. LED bulbs are used for all of the lighting units including the head, tail, and fog lamps. These produce a bluish-white beam that cuts through the darkness with ease. To combat inclement weather days, rain-sensing wipers have been installed. Meanwhile, the robust roar from the engine comes out of the dual chrome exhaust tips. Design elements include a bright silver mesh grille with chrome bars, body-coloured accents on the door handles, and satin black roof rails. You can secure oddly shaped items - such as bicycles, kayaks, and canoes - to the top of the Explorer for your next camping or fishing trip. Finally, the hands-free liftgate allows quick access to the cabin to grab your bags. Ready to hop inside a 2022 Ford Explorer? Contact our team of experts now to schedule a test run!