2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Ford Co-Pilot 360 – Driving Has Never Been This Safe

August 25,2022

Driving on the roads of Kamloops, Kelowna, BC, BC, and neighboring areas can be a bit unsafe, especially in the spring and winter seasons.

The danger only increases if you have a large heavy trailer hitched to the back of your car. Fortunately, the new 2022 Ford F150 Lightning comes with the highly advanced Ford Co-Pilot 360 technology. This system adds a number of safety driving features to your F150 Lightning, making the driving experience not only safer, but also much more convenient.

The lane keep assist helps you stay in lane and alerts you if you’re deviating from it. The pre-collision assist and automatic braking systems alert you if you get too close to another vehicle and even hit the brakes if you fail to do so in time. The pro-trailer backup assist system makes backing up your truck, with a trailer hitched to it, as easy as turning a knob. Hill descent control uses anti-lock brakes and traction control to prevent slippages as you’re descending a hill and get you down safely.

There are still many other features that come in-built with the Ford F150 Lightning and make your driving experience safer and much more enjoyable. To learn more about the Ford Co-Pilot 360 and the new Ford F150 Lightning, reach out to Skaha Ford today!