2022 Ford F-150 Lightning – Turn Your Truck into a Workstation

August 28,2022

The core concept behind the invention of trucks was to have a robust and versatile off-road machine that facilitates everyday errands such as grocery shopping as well as heavy-duty tasks such as trailing a boat.

The all new 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning takes the versatility of standard trucks up a notch and offers you flexibility to turn the truck itself into your office or workstation. For instance, the stow-away shifter allows you to fold away your gear selector and fold out your interior work surface. This way you can enjoy an almost flat and non-intrusive space where you can place your laptop and do your office work.

At the back of the truck, the improved, non-slip surface of the bed helps hold the cargo in place and keep it from moving around much. Furthermore, you can lower the robust tailgate and use it as your workbench. The electrical outlets in the bed make for the ideal power source for all your electrical tools while the concealed clamp pockets allow you to hold your non-electrical tools and materials.

The bottle owner and cup holders help make the work even easier by letting you enjoy a beer or two as you work. To learn more about all the trim levels and upgrades available for the truck or to book yourself a Ford F-150 Lightning, reach out to Skaha Ford today!