2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Zone Lighting – Illuminate Your Nights

August 29,2022

Is your outdoor lighting setup not adequate enough to facilitate your lighting needs on your camping trips in the woods of BC? Well, no need to worry because the all new 2022 Ford F150 lightning is not just a capable truck, it is also an excellent lighting setup, one that you can control using your smartphone.

In addition to the mandatory front and back lights, the F150 Lightning comes fitted with additional LED lights in the bed, side view mirrors, and rear edge of the roof. All these lights can be turned on with Ford zone lighting, an amazing new feature that 2022 Ford F150 lightning comes with.

This feature allows you to turn on the lights all around the truck, together or individually, and in doing so, illuminating the surroundings, including the bed of the truck. This is a very useful feature if you’re working outdoors, after dark or if you're camping and need some extra light for better visibility.

There are two ways to control the all-new zone lighting, you can either download and use the free FordPass app on your smartphone or you can use the in-built multimedia display of the truck. Both ways offer a very easy and intuitive interface for controlling the external lights on your F150 Lightning and allow you the flexibility to turn on all zones all around the vehicle or you can pick and choose individual zones such as the front or the right side.

Get in touch with Skaha Ford today and illuminate your nights with your very own 2022 Ford F150 Lightning.