2022 Ford F-150 XLT Gets Exterior Upgrades in Penticton

May 25,2022

As the second trim level in the current lineup, the new 2022 Ford F-150 XLT boasts some premium upgrades that the base XL does not have. Coming soon to our dealership in Penticton, you can order one of these pickups today! First, the standard Black accents have been replaced with chrome-plated ones. These include the grille surround and the front/rear bumpers. The side mirrors and door handles keep the same darkened hue though. Next, the lighting systems all use halogen bulbs. However, fog lamps have been added to improve visibility during inclement weather. To illuminate the pavement under the mist instead of getting lost trying to penetrate it, these units produce a beam at a downward angle. As for the wheels, it rides on 17-inch aluminum models with either all-season or all-terrain tires depending on the drivetrain. Another enhancement can be found with the side mirrors. These are heated to prevent ice buildup in the winter, and they come with power adjustability for your convenience. Manual folding is still a thing as well. Finally, the front tow hooks and integrated cargo tie-down loops carry over to complete the practical yet esthetically-pleasing outside look. Contact our agents to learn more about the Ford F-150 models!