2022 Ford F-750 Ensures Safety in Penticton

May 25,2022

Class-leading commercial performance now pairs with safety with the 2022 F-750 from Skaha Ford. This fleet vehicle is equipped with a variety of technologies to help drivers feel comfortable and control. Navigate every job site and BC road with confidence. For 2022, the F-750 medium-duty truck comes equipped with automatic headlamps to ensure visibility when driving at night, while available automatic high-beam headlamps illuminate unlit roads and dark peripheries without blinding other drivers. When stopped on a steep slope, the F-750 also comes equipped with hill start assist to prevent the truck from rolling backwards when switching from the brake to the gas pedal. Once it gains momentum, the available adaptive cruise control maintains a set speed and distance from other motorists for a relaxed driving experience. The 2022 F-750 also protects fleets with an available forward-collision warning system with brake support, which emits audible and visual alerts if it senses the vehicle is approaching another too quickly. Should the driver not react in time, the system will proactively engage the brakes to avoid a crash. This driver assistance feature is complemented with lane departure warning to keep the truck on its projected path. The 2022 F-750 proves ready to protect commercial fleet drivers. To learn more about this medium-duty truck or to inquire about our repair and maintenance services, contact Skaha Ford in BC for details.