2022 Ford F-750 Optimizes Fleet Operation in BC

May 25,2022

Take your commercial venture to the next level with the 2022 F-750 from Skaha Ford in BC. This medium duty truck provides available software that brings real-time fleet control to your fingertips. Available on the new 2022 F-750 Super Duty is an intuitive interface known as Ford Telematics. This system lets fleet managers monitor vehicles to better understand how they operate, where they travel and how they perform. Live GPS tracking data keeps a record of driver movements, while geofencing monitors when vehicles leave or enter a predetermined area. The software also generates vehicle health data, which outlines suggested actions, recall information, maintenance schedules and real-time odometer readings to minimize downtime and extend the life of the fleet. Additionally, Ford Telematics includes a driver behaviour dashboard that compiles information about the truck operator to promote responsible on-road practices. Safety belt usage, speeding, excessive idling, and extreme braking and accelerating are recorded and broken down by driver, vehicle and location. With this information, fleet managers can identify corrective coaching opportunities to ensure driver performance. The 2022 F-750 proves essential to hardworking commercial fleets in BC. To learn more about this Ford vehicle - or to find out about our medium duty truck repairs and maintenance services - contact our team today.