2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E: Driver Profiles

Sep 1,2022

Ford has announced a new feature for the 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E: Driver profiles. This is a feature that many other modern cars have, and it allows you to save different driving modes for your car. For example, if you have a track day and want to set up your car for maximum performance, you can set up one profile with aggressive throttle response and suspension settings. Then, when you are on the freeway or just going to work, you can switch to another more relaxed and comfortable profile. It allows you to save different configurations of your car's performance and suspension settings according to your driving style or use case. When you switch from one profile to another, you will notice that your infotainment screen will show a new icon showing which profile you are currently using. You can also change profiles using voice commands or tapping on the icon. The Mach-E's driver profiles feature can store up to three configurations for each mode. Each configuration has its suspension settings and engine performance options such as launch control or traction control. It is very beneficial if the vehicle is used by different drivers, making it easy for each of them to save their preferences. To learn more about this option, contact us in Skaha Ford.