2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E: FordPass

Sep 2,2022

Ford has announced that its 2022 Mustang will be available with the FordPass feature, allowing owners to drive the car remotely. The company says this feature will be offered as an optional upgrade and allow owners to unlock their cars from anywhere in the world. The key feature is that it allows you to unlock and lock your car remotely via an app and receive notifications when someone else unlocks or locks it. This means that if you are going out, you can tell if someone has been inside your car since you left it — perfect for those who worry about valuables left in plain sight. The feature also allows owners to check their fuel level, charge battery, and access diagnostic information on their cars through an app. The app also includes features like remote start/stop so users can warm up or cool down their cars before getting in. Owners can also set timers for starting and stopping the engine and set up geofences around their cars to know when it has left a certain area. You can also use the app to locate nearby charging stations and find out what other owners say about their vehicles. Contact your nearest Ford dealership to know details about this feature or to have your queries answered.