2022 Pacifica Hybrid BC Canada – Top Class Safety Features

Sep 28,2022

Minivans are, before anything else, family-oriented vehicles and are therefore commonly used to drive around family, friends, and children around town. That is why Chrysler has made sure to pack its 2022 Pacifica Hybrid minivan lineup with cutting edge safety features to ensure the safety of your loved ones and yourself. For instance, the new Pacifica comes with Full-Speed Forward Collision Warning with Active Braking system. This feature allows your Pacifica to issue verbal and visual alerts to the driver and passenger whenever the minivan gets too close to another vehicle or object ahead of it. The system will automatically engage the brakes as well in case the driver fails to do so in time. Then you have the adaptive cruise control which enables your Pacifica to automatically maintain and adjust its preset speed based on the traffic flow ahead of the vehicle. It even has stop and go functionality which means your Pacifica will come to a stop when the traffic ahead comes to a halt and will resume its movement and go back to the preset speed when the car in front starts moving again. In addition, there are a ton of other safety features such as Lane Keep Assist, Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot monitoring, Pedestrian Automatic Emergency Braking System, and much more. Curious to learn more? Then pay Skaha Ford a visit today!